Gambling in Małopolska has not passed the legality test

As a result of inspections carried out in recent days, 6 illegal gaming machines have been handed over to KAS in Małopolska.

Officers of the Małopolska Customs and Tax Office regularly check places where illegal slot machine games are organized. On Friday, November 13 this year. in one of the premises in Olkusz, they detained 3 illegal gaming machines.

However, as a result of the inspection carried out on Monday, November 16 in Bochnia, together with the Police from the local District Headquarters in one of the premises, they revealed 3 illegal gambling machines, where games were organized without the required license and their prior registration.

The above cases constitute a violation of the provisions of the Gambling Act, therefore the Małopolska Customs and Tax Office in Krakow is conducting further proceedings in this case, which will explain who organized illegal slot machine games and thus bear legal consequences. Both the owner of illegal appliances and the owners of the premises face a high fine and imprisonment for up to 3 years.

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