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For 25 years, Vulkan Casino has been one of the leaders in the domestic market in the field of professional facility management. The company focuses on innovation and sustainable management in commercial gaming, which is based on superior casino service, a diverse range of products and experience. As a customer-oriented service provider, we are constantly developing our product and service offer to be able to adapt it to the needs of our guests. 

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In order to ensure our quality standard, we inform about innovations every year at the slot machine trade fair in Düsseldorf and thus guarantee our guests a varied offer for a consistently attractive gaming experience. Vulkan casino stands for quality and variety, both in classic poker, roulette and in entertaining roller games. Slot machines from various manufacturers meet the growing requirements of guests in a first-class and error-free manner.

In addition to innovative machines, our exquisite service is also at your disposal. Over 800 employees in a stylish atmosphere of the games room guarantee customers a unique, safe gaming experience and a pleasant way of spending free time. In the lounges, the casino creates an attractive atmosphere in which people enjoy spending their free time. Order, cleanliness and customer service are staff priorities. 

The success and market leadership confirm the casino's corporate philosophy. Especially in the field of addiction prevention and consumer protection, the great success is accompanied by increasing social responsibility. Service personnel, in collaboration with various community agencies, are specially trained to prevent and treat problems with gamblers at risk of addiction. Now that you are familiar with our standards, Vulkan casino is waiting for your visit and wish you lots of fun and success with a unique gaming experience.

The interior and atmosphere of Vulkan casino

One of the central elements in the design and equipment of the Vulkan casino arcades is to follow the rules of visual identification, and thus create a uniform appearance. Whether in Duisburg, Hamburg or Berlin, guests who visit the casino should feel at home wherever they are.

But what makes the difference? The very latest playground equipment is not enough. The casino's corporate philosophy of "Quality and Variety" relates to a much greater extent to the relationship between product range, equipment and service. Comfortable seats next to and next to the play equipment, as well as warm and inviting colors make playgrounds a place for relaxation and rest. 

vulkan casino atmosphere

At every corner you will find small artistic enhancements to the casino decorating team or large flat screen televisions to broadcast sports events. However, the casino does not like to compare itself to gambling metropolises such as Las Vegas or Macau. The most appropriate description is and will remain simply "Vulkan". This experience is rounded off by the dedicated and courteous service staff that strive to accommodate guests' every request.

For this reason, internal work is also carried out by our own construction department. This allows to maintain a high standard of quality in all Vulkan casino salons, guarantees quick and professional reconstruction, as well as the certainty of a constant, comfortable atmosphere in each of the salons.

Do you have any wishes, criticisms or ideas? We would be happy to take your suggestions into account! Contact us using the "Help" button at the bottom of your window. We are waiting for your comments.

Huge selection of entertainment


It is preferred if only because it pioneered gaming houses and that's where the industry started. Now it still remains the most popular gambling game at Vulkan casino. The rules of the game are extremely simple. European roulette is like a concave drum. Its entire area is divided into 37 sectors, which are arranged in three rows. Each sector is colored black or red and numbered from 1 to 36 and zero.

When playing roulette, the player throws the ball and looks where it will hit. The player only has to bet on where the ball will roll, you can enter a specific number or color. If you enter a number, your winnings will be much greater, but if you stop at a color, the chances of hitting it increase. The more accurate the choice, the greater the reward. But it all depends on the role of chance.

roulette at vulkan casino


There are annual championships and tournaments in this game. According to the rules, everything is more complicated here, and you can only win thanks to your intellect and clever tricks of your opponents. The winner is the one who collects the best combination of cards against the opponents. There are many variations of poker:

  • classic poker;
  • Poker in Texas;
  • Hold'em;
  • Omaha Poker;
  • seven stud poker cards.

These are just the minimum listed. But the phases of the game are generally similar everywhere. Before each of them the player places a bet and the dealer deals the cards. Another bet is then made to decide who continues to play and who is eliminated. Whoever finishes the game with the best combination of hands wins the jackpot.

In poker, bluffing dominates, and players constantly use psychological tricks to get their opponent out of the game. It is thanks to this that emotions set the bar for the game.

Pai Gow Poker

This game is as close as possible to one of the varieties of poker - Hold'em. But only in this case the competition is not with your opponent, but with the casino. The participants are dealt 7 cards from the deck, and then the dealer deals the cards to himself. The best combinations are collected from the cards. The win is credited if the combination is better than the dealer's.

Gaming machines

Slot machines have become fully computerized but still occupy a special place in gaming houses. The new effects amaze your imagination and make you spend hours with them. Slot machines are extremely easy to use. Their operation is regulated by pressing a button or lifting a lever, you can understand them yourself, without resorting to the help of Vulkan casino employees. In fact, they are all based on gambling, so chance plays a decisive role. For example, the most popular is a slot machine in which you have to collect a series of identical characters. This way, the person and earns money.

It is the ease of use that attracts many, which allows slot machines to take pride of place among the most popular games at Vulkan casino.

The wheel of fortune

The mechanism of action is similar to that of a roulette wheel. Only the wheel is placed vertically. Players place bets on a specific sector, which is 52. There are signs, symbols on the sectors, there are six of them in total. When the wheel stops, the pointer will be directed to one of the sectors. Those who bet on this sector will be the winners.


This game has very complicated rules and is the oldest type of gambling, even beating roulette. The game is played in 2 rounds. In the first, the player rolls two dice once. The stickman announces the amount rolled on the dice. If it is the number 7 or 11, the player wins the first stage, if it is the number 2, 3 or 12, it is an immediate loss and the person is out of the game. The remaining numbers take the player to the next stage. The second stage lasts until the same number is drawn as in the first stage or a seven. If they roll seven, then the person automatically loses, if the number that was in the first stage, then snatched the prize.

For the full game, you still have to learn a lot of rules, know all the possible combinations. The popularity of dice is likely due to the fact that people like to be part of a complex, multi-step, and intense game.


Whether or not you manage to win at bingo depends entirely on chance. Participants receive individual cards on which they see a set of generated numbers. After their distribution, the lototron is activated, from which balls with numbers fall out from time to time. Whoever has the number that fell out marks it on the card. If at least one horizontal, vertical, diagonal or a combination in the form of a geometric figure is filled in, the player must shout: "Bingo". Whoever does it first and wins the jackpot. In Russia, this game is more common as a lottery game.

Responsible gaming 

Gambling is a fascinating pleasure, but it can quickly turn into a fatal passion. Vulkan casino is committed to responsible gambling and is committed to actively protecting players. For this reason, you will find, among other things, relevant information leaflets in each of the casinos.

"Just for fun ...." … With this campaign by the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA) pathological gamblers are informed about the possibilities and solutions for self-monitoring. Interested visitors to the casino website are encouraged to read the following articles on responsible gaming, details on adherence to the rules of underage protection, as well as an overview of the various contact points and offers of assistance.

An important element of player protection is the social concept. On this basis, trained employees of Vulkan casino try to identify gamblers at risk of addiction, and then draw their attention to appropriate offers of help.

For this reason, Vulkan casino, in cooperation with various state institutions and representatives of individual professional associations, has developed a program for the identification and support of pathological gamblers. However, the first step towards helping is also one of the most difficult. The question of when the enjoyment of the game becomes a secondary factor can only be determined to a limited extent on the basis of individual points. Rather, it is the sum of the various traits and patterns of behavior that, taken together, give an overall picture of the player's behavior. 

This is where the casino comes in. In the form of training, licensed clinics, as well as through events coordinated on its own initiative, it teaches the service staff to recognize visitors at risk of addiction, and then be able to refer them to appropriate clinics.

Excessive gambling behavior itself can have many causes. These are often private or professional reasons. Therefore, it is all the more important to address these issues critically. 

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