Texas gambling expansion in 2021 Unlikely

Supporters a 2021 Texas gambling expansion has admitted it is unlikely to pass this legislative session. State Senator Carol Alvarado (D-Houston) remains optimistic. Texas will add casinos and sports betting in the future. She stated that "we knew from the beginning that this was a long-term attempt." However, the long-awaited expansion of gambling in Texas is unlikely to take effect in 2021.

What was planned for 2021 Texas Gambling Expansion?

Senator Alvarado, in collaboration with state representative John Kuempel (R-Seguin), introduced two-party gambling bills. There were two main points on which sponsors hoped to reform.

First, accounts allowed four mega-departmental casino locations, one in each of the four largest cities in the state. According to the proposal, the casino will be built in the Dallas Metroplex, Houston, San Antonio and Austin. At the moment, every metropolitan area lacks a large gambling infrastructure in addition to challenging racetracks.

The other half of the bills are regulated by bookmakers all over Texas. Additionally, online and mobile betting have been part of Texas' unsuccessful gambling expansion. Both laws allowed for a constitutional amendment to allow Lone Star voters to consider gambling laws in their state.

Why 2021 Gambling bills have failed?

Although the 2021 Texas Legislative Session runs through the end of May, the deadline on Monday has passed. Until then, all proposed bills had to go beyond their House's legislative committee to remain active. House version of the bills were not placed on file. This setback means there will be no 2021 Texas Gambling Expansion without a dedicated session.

Two accounts legalizing casinos in resorts and bookmakers have received the support of many powerful entities. Las Vegas Sands has allocated millions to lobbying for land-based casinos in Texas. The multinational gaming company sees Texas as one of the largest remaining unused casino markets. According to lobbyists Sands, Texas is losing "billions of dollars in tourism and gambling."

In addition, Texas professional sports teams organized to support retail and online bookmakers. Like the new Arizona sports betting law, Texas teams were hoping to receive special licenses for their facilities.

But Texas lawmakers were reluctant to push through the complex and comprehensive expansion of gambling in this session. The legislator received good news as the state budget deficit turned out to be lower than expected. Previously, observers believed that state and local budgets were in the worst condition in the past ”23-30 years. "

What's next for the Texas gambling expansion?

Smaller-than-expected budget holes have allowed gambling opponents such as Lieutenant Dan Patrick to stop any dynamics. Regulating bookmakers and allowing casinos across Texas did not become a priority in the limited time amassed by lawmakers.

However, other states have seen gambling reform on the defeat drink, only to keep the ball moving. But even with strong lobbying pressure, the chances of introducing special gambling laws are slim. There is simply too much opposition to gambling reform in the higher echelons of state government.

Proponents of the Texas gambling expansion hope that the continued march of regulated betting in the United States will have an impact on politicians. Merged organizations such as the Cowboys and Mavericks will continue to put pressure on elected officials. But it's the small-scale players who count on fewer trips across state lines that are likely to change Texas' restrictive gambling laws. So supporters like Senator Alvarado remain hopeful.

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