Around the tables: Hellmuth Beats Negreanu Again; Brandon Cantu calls Kid Poker

It's been a phenomenally busy time in post-ker, with so many battles going on that it seems every poker fan in the world has chosen a side in the recent skirmishes. Whether you're a fan of Daniel Negreanu or entirely behind The Poker Brat himself, Phil Hellmuth, poker demands that you pick a flag and wave it. In addition to some restrictions that have been lifted at the tables themselves, we've put together what you need to know from the past seven days.

Hellmuth doubles up on Negreanu

If the first fight was a surprise, the second could not be. After returning from 3, 04 0 to 97, 00 0 weaker in the first High-stakes duel on PokerGO, Phil Hellmuth reaffirmed his authority in the second battle between two poker legends at PokerGO.

Hellmuth's victory in the second fight High-stakes duel between him and Daniel Negreanu saw them again 15 - once a WSOP bracelet winner once again beats the bookmakers' odds, prompting Negreanu to challenge immediately. Kid Poker is currently 1.69 in their third match, again against Hellmuth an outsider at the age of 2. 36 at the time of going to print.

This means there will be a third and possibly final match between the two men, with a $ 400.00 0 on the line and a chance for Hellmuth to pay the win if he had to go six against six in the matches having already beat Antonio Esfandiari in the format. We can't wait to find out what will happen.

Brandon Cantu Lying in Wait for Winner?

In an unexpected twitter post, Hellmuth's friend and WSOP bracelet winner Brandon Cantu traveled to the social media platform to summon Negreanu and challenge Kid Poker to a one-on-one match for his "net worth". Aside from the obvious problem that Negreanu's bankroll could be much larger than Cantu's bank, the two men got down to it, by which we mean making accusations over the internet about the nature of the playground.

Since Cantu was proclaimed "born-to-be," Negreanu then began to tirade about his would-be opponent, throwing up unpaid debts to which Cantu confessed, and reiterated his intention to pay off Jason Mercier shortly.

Will Cantu be Negreanu's next opponent? It seems unlikely, no matter how much beef there is between the two men, but in poker we've learned to include nothing.

Wynn Casino removes windows between players

While Brandon Cantu and Daniel Negreanu would likely do it with some permanent barrier between them, Wynn Casino has decided that no player needs anything to stand between them and enjoy a great game.

The Wynn have removed the plexiglass spacers which protected players from catching COVID-19, which marks the upcoming Wynn Millions which has a $ 18 guarantee that they will welcome players in masks but no restrictions at the tables.

Will this increase the number of players? With only four months left until the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, now is the right time to find out, one way or another.

Other connections and connections

The poker world has seen many more winners. Players like Anton Wigg, Andres Korn and Veerab Zakarian won titles last week. Wigg won not only $ 1, 050 - entry to the Sunday High Roller at PokerStars, but the GGPoker $ 525 - entry to the Sunday High Rollers Fast as well, with both top prizes worth over $ 50, 04 0.

Andres Korn won the WSOP Circuit, $ 800 - Entry to the Deepstack NLHE Championship and Veerab Zakarian's WPT Borgata Winter Open won for the $ 674.840 after a one-year break in anticipation of the final table in Las Vegas.

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