The Wynn aims to remove the dividers, ahead of the $ 10 million guaranteed million Wynn

Las Vegas is different than anywhere else in the world. Sure, in California, a beach bodysuit is either the standard or a common jealousy target. In New York City, difficulty is the scale by which the majority of residents are judged. But Las Vegas is about partying. Recently, this poker event has been spoiled by pandemic restrictions that have contributed to Sin City's legendary status as the world's entertainment capital.

Ever since the casinos reopened, poker has been played online or behind plexiglass screens. This week, The Wynn, one of the biggest casinos in Vegas, announced that it will be moving away from the dividers in the near future.

Why is Wynn stripping the plexiglass?

The Wynn / Encore property is one of the most iconic properties in Las Vegas and has been approved for plexiglass removal after being awarded 100% occupancy by the local authority.

It's not just poker tables. Those who prefer slots will have unlimited access to them, and since the Wynn Signature Series runs without separators, cash games have already been given out without separators. The game starts and there's a very good reason why - the upcoming Wynn Millions.

With an enormous amount of 10, We guarantee that the Wynn Million will likely welcome huge numbers to Las Vegas ahead of the World Series of Poker and is seen as something of a Petri dish to test the dangers of multi-table tournaments. Players will still have to wear masks, but they will not be as separated from each other as they were until recently.

What are the Wynn Millions?

The Wynn Millions has been running since June 25 th and on July 2, when the World Series usually takes place halfway through the festival. With the 90 poker tables at the Wynn, all eyes are on how the tournament organizers are doing, and from the players' perspective, anyone who is not traveling to play but securing their bets from a possible World Series trip will have a great deal. an idea of how exactly this tournament will be practical.

Costing $ 10,000 to enter (similar to the World Series of Poker main event), the Wynn Millions will be an ongoing event that will keep returning from year to year. Players start at 40,000 and play hourly levels on three different flights on day one. Interestingly, there will be a separate Day 2 for each flight on Day 1, so players won't be fully connected until Day 3 when there will be far fewer of them. Players can also use one re-entry option.

Will the Wynn decision trigger a domino effect?

Wynn has pushed hard on his employees to vaccinate against COVID-19, have removed the plexiglass and will be hosting a multi-table tournament without barriers. So is this decision likely to lead other casinos - and venues - to follow suit? It seems very likely that other Vegas sites will not want to be left behind for no other reason.

Many other casinos will watch them with at least keen interest and possibly their businesses on the line. Some were skimpy on the changes to come, and the Venetian did not announce any changes to his current limitations. The same can be said of the Golden Nugget, which sticks to the eight-player split-up poker games until the Nevada Gaming Control Board announces the changes.

The Wynn Millions is bound to be an exciting tournament. Some of the best players in the world will be there to face each other for $ 10 at least m prize pool. The continued impact of barrier-free poker may still lead to poker being the biggest winner.

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