Loteria com enters Turkey after signing the Inball partnership agreement entered the Turkish market after signing a 30-year cooperation with the lottery operator Inball.

Turkish lottery operator Inball will be offering selected products domestically, both in person and digitally, after the duo has signed a 30-year partnership agreement.

This means that an online platform that allows players to buy tickets for official, sanctioned lotteries, including Powerball and Mega Millions, will enter the Turkish market with approximately 58 million people eligible to purchase its products.

Inball is working with the largest advertiser in Turkey, the Mete Group, and also owns the Karsan distribution company that will help enter a new market.

Texas-based mentioned that it is focused on business development strategy and will pave the way for future international expansion. He currently lives in his family status and nine others in the United States.

The company also hopes to finalize a business merger with Trident Acquisitions Corp in mid-February after signing a binding letter of intent for a special purpose vehicle (SPAC) to acquire it in November, after which will go public on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange. CEO Tony DiMatteo said: “We believe Inball will be a great partner to bring us to the Turkish market and we feel confident and grateful for working with such a strong brand. The expected business connection with Trident Acquisitions should provide with the capital necessary to support our international expansion. ”

Niyazi Mete, CEO of Inball and Mete Group, added: “We are very keen to start this business in Turkey as soon as possible. We are working with officials to finalize legal approvals and begin distributing US lotteries in Turkey. "

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