Agreement for the supply of GiG pens with a European media group

The Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) has announced a new three-year contract with the European media group to supply an online gaming platform, data platform and provider managed services.

The media company will use GiG's online gaming offer under its own license.

The contract has a minimum duration of three years and is based on a combination of fixed fees and revenue share. The offer is to be launched by the media company in the first half of next year.

Commenting on the transaction, GiG CEO Richard Brown said: “Expect the media group to enter iGaming as online markets and local regulation evolve.

“The use of their media data, brands and access to inventory, as well as direct access to basic demographic data, is an attractive proposition.

"GiG is extremely proud to be able to support this market entry and is confident it will be a successful partnership."

Further details of the contract have yet to be disclosed.

So far, GiG has seen significant growth this year. In the third quarter of 2020, the supplier reported revenues of EUR 17.9 million ($ 20.9) an increase of the 78% compared to 2019.

For the first nine months of the year to September, GiG generated revenues of EUR 45.8 million, an increase of 36% year-on-year. In fact, the nine-month revenue was greater than the company's total for 2019 as a whole.

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