Google announces a new gambling ad blocker

Google will soon add a new feature to its ad settings that will allow users to select fewer gambling-related ads when using its services.

The company said it was turning on the feature after receiving feedback from users saying they would prefer to restrict their ads on certain "sensitive" topics. In addition to gambling, users will also be able to limit the number of alcohol ads they see.

Mute this ad, another Google feature, allows the user to opt out of seeing a specific ad again. However, this new feature will block ads in a certain category. The decision is reversible, so users can allow ads if they change their mind.

In a statement on the Google website, the company said the new feature "is an additional step that gives the user a choice and allows further control over the ads."

This feature will be rolled out gradually around the world. It will be rolled out first in the US, but the company expects it to roll out to Google Ads and YouTube worldwide early next year.

“We will continue to improve our controls; and as our products evolve and people's expectations of them evolve, the functionality we provide to personalize ads will change, ”we read in the statement.

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