Lithuanians support the ban on advertising gambling

In a study of 1001 adults, the 47% said it had seen gambling ads in the past year, but the 76% agrees that new restrictions should be introduced. In addition, 52% stated that it believed that gambling advertising should be banned entirely, although a similar number (51%) also considered the gambling industry to be important to the economy.

The study was conducted after Spain followed Italy by imposing strict restrictions on gambling advertising and only allowing early morning advertising. There are also calls in the UK to introduce further restrictions on gambling advertising.

Most respondents to the survey in Lithuania, as many as 56%, were also in favor of increasing the minimum age to buy a ticket from 16 to 18 years. 12 percent of respondents played non-lottery products in the past year, 47 percent at slot machines, 41 percent online (up from 38 percent in 2019), 29 percent sports betting and 26 percent at casinos.

About a third said they gamble once a month, with men under the age of 29 most likely to gamble. The percentage of people using the lottery has dropped from 51 percent last year to 43 percent, with the 40-49 age group playing the most. Of all lottery players, 88 percent continued to buy tickets from stationary outlets.

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