Niklas Astedt wins the second Super MILLION $ for over 300,000 $

Swedish star Niklas Astedt is widely known as one of the best poker players in the world. So it should come as no surprise that just weeks ago he won his first Super MILLION $ title but won the second to keep him company.

Despite a difficult final table including Sam Greenwood, Elio Fox and Mikita Badziakowski, Astedt triumphed, winning the $ 10,000 - buy-in for his personal playground again.

Let's look back at how the amazing poker talent did this.

The favorite starts the final in a big way

Before the final table kicked off, 90 bettors saw a value in Niklas Astedt's support at 4.6, amounting to $ 10, 175 total. At 9.2, Mikita Badziakowski was backed by even more players - 107, to be precise, but only up to a total investment of $ 6, 277.

As the action began, two short stacks said goodbye to their chances in quick succession. Chinese player "judd_trump" took the money for $ 48, 802 after their ace-queen couldn't win with the pocket jacks "rushaakkandqq" even though an ace flopped and a jack also hit the board.

The next incident was Brazilian player Bruno Volkmann who took $ 61, 587 when his king-ten could not catch the ace-queen of the same player and the field fell even more when on the turn Mario Mosboeck from Austria was knocked out with an ace-six and Niklas Astedt found a straight. No aid came out on the river and while Astedt was amassing virtual chips, Mosboeck had to settle for cash worth $ 77,720.

Astedt Flipping Fantastic

Six-handed Belarusian Mikita Badziakowski moved all in for his remaining 1.28 million chips with ace-four only to see Niklas Astedt call him with a much better ace-queen and the queen on the flop finally made Badziakowski draw a draw after turn. Badziakowski cashed in for $ 98,079 and that was the last five-figure sum to be awarded as Elio Fox, a British player who lived in Mexico during the tournament, for 123,772 money after losing two big hands.

First, Fox was dominated by ace-king Sam Greenwood when he himself only had ace and queen. It was only an appetizer though, as Fox saw his main course cooked after his other 12 Big Blinds went to the middle, having the Queen-King and a pair of Astedt's. Soon after, "rushaakkandqq" lost to ace-five by Sam Greenwood's ace-four, and a foursome flopped to send the last trio into battle with an Austrian player home with $ 156, 195.

Greenwood loses to dominant Astedt

That would be Uruguayan-born Ramiro Petrone, who knocked out in third behind $ 197, 111, Sam Greenwood doubled up when he moved all-in and then dropped out when Astedt's pocket sevens beat the Uruguayan ace-ten.

Heads-up saw Astedt enter the duel with a large lead, holding 28.3 million chips to Greenwood's 2.4 million. This edge was key as Greenwood did come back a bit, but he could never get close to the tier and ended up making the final hand with 2.6 million chips.

Greenwood moved all in with king-queen after Astedt shoved with ace-high. It took place and it was Astedt who won $ 313, 907 top prize, leaving Greenwood the consolation of $ 248, 746.

Winning over a million dollars when he last won the GGPoker Super MILLION $ on April 11 th , just over a month later, Astedt had a different title in his name and now won a somewhat ridiculous $ 3. 35 million in the tournament series alone. There were 49, so we can expect the Swede to play in 50 th super-series edition?

He would not have missed it for the world.

GGPoker Super MILLION $ May 18 th Final table results:

Place Player Country Prize
1 Niklas Astedt Sweden $ 313, 907
2 Sam Greenwood Canada $ 248, 746
3 Ramiro Petrone Uruguay $ 197, 111
4 "Rushaakkandqq" Austria $ 156, 195
5 Elio Fox United Kingdom $ 123, 772
6 Mikita Badziakouski Belarus $ 98, 079
7 Mario Mosboeck Austria $ 77, 720
8 Bruno Volkmann Brazil $ 61, 587
9 'judd trump' China $ 48, 802

Want to watch the final table with commentary on Nanon Eye and Rotterdam? Check it out here:

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