Phil Hellmuth doubles up! Daniel Negreanu is sunk again by Poker Brat

Yesterday evening lightning struck twice as Phil Hellmuth once again came out from behind to win an exciting second High-stakes duel against Daniel Negreanu on PokerGO.

our prediction just days before the action we gave Kid Poker the chance to win Round 2, but it was the second win in two games for The Poker Brat, which continues to set critics as 96 - the WSOP bracelet winner ended with another unforgettable victory in his illustrious career.

How the noise has faded out

After the "delusional" histrionics of the first fight, Negreanu himself admitted that he had sat down in a camo uniform and, looking focused on determination, was about to take revenge on his old enemy in the game, Phil Hellmutt.

"He's generally limited in what he's capable of."

By comparison, Hellmuth was a breezy, subtle counterpoint to the more confrontational man we saw in the first fight. It was proved right when he said he would win last time, Hellmuth was calm, composed and stuck to the zone. As always, the Hype Show was amazing, but this time Nick Schulman had some insightful insights to do as to why he thought Poker Brother would be on the winning side of the felt again.

Weighing in and a great start

This time the weighing was a little different, with two giant figures full of candies nowhere at the table, due to the duo of Piñatas made to order. Yes, PokerGO spared the expense of recreating both Kid Poker and Poker Brat's visions to start weighing in, which you can watch here as Round 2 begins.

"I need you to cum because I've heard there's some candy in there," Hellmuth told Negreanu.

Hellmuth took the lead this time, as opposed to his opening in the first leg. A streak of two pairs of hands strengthened his stack (200,000 starting stacks instead of 100,000 this time to reflect doubled buy-ins) above his opponent, and the battle lines were drawn early and deep.

"If you've ever played poker you'll see full table dominance when the game was big," Negreanu said of his first control of the fight, but this time he didn't have the same effect. "He's limited in what he's generally capable of as a player," added Negreanu, but it was the Canadian who wanted to catch up.

Both players lose the advantage, but Hellmuth wins

"I can not look. It's too painful. "

As is often the case in the minds of -up poker, the lead changed hands with the regularity of the metronome. Hellmuth lost the initial advantage, but so did Negreanu. With Kid Poker in the lead, Hellmuth reached for a series of small pots to prevent an all-in and risky pre-flop situation.

Both players were drawing on their decades of poker experience post-flop, but one particular hand proved to be decisive. Despite being defeated on the river, Hellmuth made the first move and moved all-in, a complete bluff that was perfectly timed. Negreanu folded his chance to call his victory and sacrificed chips that eventually lost his lead.

Hellmuth built a 3-1 lead, and Negreanu looked down at the pair of eights. All the money went to Phil Hellmuth, who only had ace-four, but after a paired flop and three hearts on the table, on the river Poker Brat drew to a huge 90 out. "It's never easy, is it?" Negreanu said before laughing. "I can not look. It's too painful. "

Negreanu's heart was broken on the river and Hellmuth washed out his great rival once again to win.

"I can't beat this man. Buddy, you played well. I thought you played well. " I found Negreanu.

The match goes to three

Negreanu made a challenge before Hellmuth even enjoyed a handshake after winning fifth in a row High-stakes duel Hellmuth cannot leave as per the rules of the contest. This will not happen after the third HSD fight, as Hellmuth will then have a chance to walk away victorious if he manages to go 6-0 and win another $ 400, 14 from one of the best poker players in the world.

"They judged me as a fucking loser in every game," Hellmuth said of the match. “It stuns me, but I just never get that respect, and I don't mind. I just want to win. "

After 234, Hellmuth defeated Daniel Negreanu again, leading to another match, possibly a duo-final, likely to be scheduled for next week.

Whenever that happens, it will likely go down in poker history as one of the most eagerly anticipated fights on felt in a while.

You can watch all the action from round 2 High-stakes duel in which Phil Hellmuth defeated Daniel Negreanu in dramatic circumstances here on PokerGO.

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