Odds: Will the Tokyo 2021 Summer Olympics be held?

The 2021 Tokyo Olympics are scheduled to open in late July. Will this happen as COVID continues to be a global problem?

The entire world of sport was shut down last year due to the global COVID pandemic and the biggest postponed event was the Tokyo Summer Olympics. The Games are now scheduled to begin on Friday, July 23 in and around the most populous city in the world, and end on Sunday, August 8. Tokyo will be the first city outside the western world to host the Summer Games more than once, as it did in 1964.

However, COVID is still a problem worldwide as some countries lag far behind others in terms of vaccination, so will the Games really take place? At this point, it would be quite a concern if the answer was "no". The fact that the Games will start is - 350 favorite bet without at + 225. Media polls have shown that the vast majority of Japanese are not in favor of hosting the Games this summer.

Some countries gave their athletes priority doses of vaccines ahead of the Olympics, but some large ones, such as the UK and Japan, did not. The issue may be moot as the International Olympic Committee and Pfizer / BioNTech recently agreed to make the vaccine available to all athletes headed to Tokyo. While vaccination is not compulsory, the IOC says it expects a "significant number" of athletes to receive it before the Games.

Will the 2021 Tokyo Olympics be held with spectators?

Also, don't forget these "working" Olympics. Eight of these workers recently tested positive for COVID during a flashlight relay, despite wearing masks. According to reports, less than two percent of the Japanese population is vaccinated.

Chances that 3 NBA superstars will play in Tokyo 

One of the events of the Summer Olympics is the men's basketball tournament, which is attended by NBA players from all over the world. As the 2020-21 regular season began in late December due to the late 2020 playoffs ending, the NBA Finals will end just a few days before the Tokyo Olympics begins. This can lead to tough decisions for any NBA star that makes it to the final.

It's quite possible that the stars of the Brooklyn Nets and the Los Angeles Lakers will meet for the championship. There are NBA props available about whether the Nets 'Kevin Durant, James Harden and Lakers' LeBron James will play for the US team - of course, if they're injured, that changes everything. Hardness is - 280 play and + 185 no; Durant is - 200 for yes and +150 for no, and LeBron James of the Lakers is - 180 for yes and +140 for no. LeBron's chances of playing are a bit lower as he is 36 and has been hampered by an injury this NBA season. All three guys "plan" to play for US Team coach Gregg Popovich from San Antonio Spurs.

Finally, will viewers be able to enter the Olympic Games? Being able to control the virus with just thousands of athletes is one thing, but adding hundreds of thousands of fans is another. No fan will be allowed this - 550 from yes to +350. International viewers have been banned. The organizers of the games will decide on the national fans in June. Most believe that no one will be allowed, as freaks clearly do.

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