Digital Chain CSO How the pandemic changed sports betting

Digital Chain Strategy Director Oleg Profatylo explains how to keep perspective while seeing opportunities when sports betting becomes popular again.

The first half of 2020 was a rollercoaster for all business categories, and bets were one of the hardest hit. Because all offline sporting events have been canceled without clear dates return, the industry had to adjust myself, moving everything online on e- sports and unconventional bets. Overall, it worked,   though with some errors and changed to world marketbut it did out.  

Now that world sports are slowly emerging   back, this it is interesting to think about their place in an industry that has changed. Let's dive in and let's see what trends to expect and how bookmakers can use them on your advantage.  

The global quarantine and the accompanying lack of television broadcasting of traditional sports led to huge contractual obligations of the leagues and teams. Of course, no one could have known about the pandemic or how hard it was going to hit, so overall it qualifies as force majeure . Even so, TV channels would like to make up for lost profits while sporting a gala s ations will be competing for airtime reallocation and new payoffs. In unstable times to come, teams, leagues and others will welcome any opportunity to empower you , for example via powerful new sponsorship and collaboration.  

For bookmakers, this may be quite a valuable opportunity to conclude a new, profitable transaction and increasing media presence.  

New ways and approaches can be useful in optimizing work under normal conditions after COVID, bringing new perspectives and a competitive advantage. Some tips and tricks used during the quarantine period can now be transformed and used to enhance people's experience of interacting with offline sports betting

This even more promising consider th e the fact that most countries don 't yet let people in stadiums sports, average ing, that for   during, when most viewers will be watching matches on TV and the Internet. Despite the fact that the world try gradually return to normal, it still makes sense to redirect marketing budgets in a "quarantine manner". They will be up to date for a while.  

Fans are but definitely Welcom ing to fight your favo at rite sport fter extremely long a break. AND recipients s will be very emotional, which can be used in intelligent "emotional" driving ”technique that we successfully tested in the past. In the new context, it promises to be extremely efficient and will bring great results. By reaching your audience through an emotional approach, you can achieve large and rapid income growth.  

During the pandemic, bookmakers gained invaluable experience working in constantly changing circumstances. New ways and approaches may be useful in Optimi s working in normal conditions after COVID, bringing new opportunities and competitive advantages. Some of the tips and tricks used during the quarantine period can now be transformed and used to enhance people's experience of interacting with offline sports betting. The main task here is to see complexity and challenges as new opportunities and use them appropriately.  

As for traditional ones establishments sports n / a sport i'm sure that despite the exponential growth of eSports and the overall adaptation down the era of pure, online, offline betting, sporting events will return triumphantly. It takes much more than even these global disruptions to destroy or seriously affect on industry almost as old as civilization itself.  


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