Raven Track What should we look for in tracking systems

IN over the past few years has occurred significant advances in technology and artificial intelligence, so it makes sense for the gambling industry to have a tracking platform that uses all these great new tools. In discussions with both affiliates and operators at associate conferences around the world in the past few years the opinions were consistent (although issues vary slightly between them ).   The tracking industry must apply the latest technology coupled with a strong understanding of what ers affiliate market and brand gambing they need, and support him with Industry-trained customer service team. Using the culmination of your online gambling experience affiliate, operator needs and introducing an intuitive UX make next-generation tracking platforms s   how Raven is easier in use.  

What are the problems with tracking platforms?

Like most things in life, communication is critical to a relationship. Be it in your personal life or dealing with business partners, the ability to address matters quickly is there vit al for a healthy partnership.   It may seem simple but open communication it's a tremendous amount of hard work. Having   one-to-one relationship with   your The Account Manager really does differences. if problem with n are tracking or commission payments, webmasters and operators need to know their problem will be considered, and their provider is only tracking ap Hone's call with away.  

What is the impact of compliance and regulations?

To prevent branches and operators from receiving huge penalties from industry regulators, all marketing communications must fail entic e their users play excessively. Compliance guidelines C. an integral factor of the sequence of plans should be considered marketing, and every effort should be made to creat e more responsible news. Most branches don ”t have an internal compliance team, so they should work with businesses IN ho monitors and news products down present an appropriate and responsible tone. Includes he:  

  • Ensuring that the images no speak to children  
  • Self-exclusion enforcement  
  • Transparent conditions offers acquisition  
  • Messages, which should   they have limitations 18+  
  • Steer ing ad-free that glamouri s e gamble or encourage chasing losses  
  • Avoid ing promotions on offers from games, which featur e cartoons  

In addition to these industry regulations, there are mandatory advertising codes when it comes to promotions ng gambling-related offers and products. Any advertisement for gambling services must comply with the LCCP Code of Conduct, which prevents misleading advertisements promoting gambling as a way to improve an individual's quality of life, attracting minors or the prosecution of losses.  

What other areas should partners and operators focus on?

For branches and entities, channels such as SEO, social, native ads and CRM are getting harder and harder to do capture. Because take time to work with your tracking partner simplify everything to you he could focus on various disciplines digital marketing   promote your brand. You may be late to get an objective look on existing content. Whether it adds value or just repeats what everyone else does site and -gaming ? Do you offer a unique perspective? How much of this consists of high-quality, long content? While You are for it, take a look at your voice. Is your content dynamic and informative ? This are n   Edition copies for casinos online, because this information is "static" (unlike sports betting which enjoys a steady stream of new feed content). To be successful, partners need to deal with this problem in dynamic industry such as gambling.   A constant problem with most websites is page speed. Especially affiliate sites support multiple banners and advertisements from operators. Therefore, the site audit (preferably combined with technical SEO audit) can identify pages on your site that require attention. This is especially so valid for affiliates that do not invest in PPC advertising; getting your keyword's position at the top Organically, SERP will be next to impossible without these areas included.  

Google has already announced that UX will be a significant ranking factor in 2021, so webmasters have time to prepare. I would advise start Ning Third-party UX Test to see where players can get "stuck" then wo rk to improve the user's journey. Despite the constantly changing algorithm changes in search engines such as Google, the internet is an infinitely better place with these constant updates. It makes webmasters think about the content they are sharing with their readers, which ultimately makes it better experience for site visitors.  






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