GLMS reports 41 increases in suspicious sports betting alerts in 2020

The Global Lottery Monitoring System (GLMS) saw an increase of 41% year-on-year in the number of suspicious sports betting alerts generated for its members in 2020.

The Lottery Industry's Sports Betting Integrity Authority sent 1,113 alerts to its members, including operators worldwide, despite the coronavirus pandemic that wreaked havoc on the sports calendar early last year.

Of the alerts generated, 936 were created before the match started, of which 150 were triggered after the matches ended.

Football was the biggest culprit, responsible for 832 total entries, over 75%. Second was basketball out of 134, ice hockey third out of 55, and tennis made up 50 of all entries.

Regionally, Europe was the continent most exposed to injuries, with 727 such warnings. Asia was 191, South America 90, North America 64, Africa 23, and Oceania only seven.

The most common reason for triggering alerts was team-related messages assigned to 402 alerts, with a significant change in rates next by 192 and an incorrect opening price corresponding to 140 alerts.

A total of 715 alerts have been classified green for smaller alerts, with 217 yellow and 86 marked red, including suspicious odds changes or rumors of match-fixing from a specific source.

In addition, GLMS notified or reported 126 matches to its partners, including sport governing bodies, sending a total of 162 notifications based on infringing matches, 110 of which were football related.

GLMS said the pandemic affected various competitions, referring to the fact that in team sports, "teams had to continually re-evaluate their strategies and team line-ups, hoping that their substitutes or young players would fill the gaps for older players who scored positively. or have been quarantined. '

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