Closing of arcades in Ciechocinek and Sępólno Krajeński

10 devices allowing for illegal gambling were stopped by the Kuyavian-Pomeranian National Tax Administration (KAS). There are severe penalties for organizing gambling games in violation of applicable regulations.

In the course of the performance of official activities related to combating economic crime, KAS officers from KAS revealed two premises where illegal gambling games were organized.

The first of the gambling caves was located in the center of Ciechocinek and immediately aroused the suspicions of the uniformed KAS. The point was closed from the outside to outsiders, and the windows were covered with foil that made it impossible to see what is inside. This made the officers decide to intervene. Their assumptions were confirmed because they revealed 6 computer sets for arranging gambling games. The illegal arcade was managed by a 19-year-old woman. On her cell phone, the officers discovered an application that allows remote crediting of individual computer workstations. This fact only confirmed that illegal gambling was organized in the premises.

Another gaming arcade was revealed to a uniform from the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Customs and Tax Office in Sępólno Krajeński. The place had been under their surveillance before. So it was known that it had numerous safeguards that made it difficult to get inside. Despite outdoor cameras and an electromagnetic lock with a customer selection system, the officers undertook checks. As a result, 4 computer devices for organizing illegal gambling games, a router, a digital monitoring recorder and cash for the payment of winnings were discovered and secured. A twenty-year-old girl who runs a games room and 6 clients staying there were also interviewed.

In addition to penal sanctions in the form of a fine or imprisonment, people organizing this type of illegal games and owning machines contrary to the provisions of the Gambling Act must take into account a fine of PLN 100,000. zlotys from each computer.

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