Jake Paul opens the game as a solid underdog in a potential boxing match against Daniel Cormier

Could former YouTube star Jake Paul beat former MMA champion Daniel Cormier in a boxing match? Oddsmakers favor Cormier a lot if it comes to a fight.

Quickly, name the world heavyweight champion. Chances are you can't, because the sport has become a confusing mix of organizations that confused the average fan and ruined the sport years ago. For the record, the champions are Anthony Joshua (WBO, IBF, WBA), Tyson Fury (WBC), Dillian Whyte (interim WBC) and Trevor Bryant (interim WBA).

While Mike Tyson terrorized opponents, boxing continued to be a major sporting factor in the United States. However, since Tyson's demise, the sport has gone with him - it has now far surpassed MMA. Maybe the reunification of Joshua and Fury in August will help renew interest, but that's history for another day.

The most popular boxing matches today usually involve ex-athletes or celebrities entering the ring - leading us to former YouTube star Jake Paul.

In his honor, the 24-year-old turned from a niche influencer into a fairly well-known personality due to his exploits in the ring. Paul is undefeated as a boxer and there are rumors of a potential boxing match between him and former UFC world champion Daniel Cormier at some point this year. Oddsmakers opened Cormier as - 350 favorite with Paul at + 225.

Paul versus Cormier doesn't look likely

In late March, in Los Angeles, Paul closed around - 165 favorite against former UFC fighter Ben Askren in a scheduled eight-round boxing match. Askren was clearly overweight and disinterested (except for the check) and was defeated by a TKO in the first round.

Paul made it clear that he wanted to fight someone more talented, and he and Cormier began attacking via social media. Things took to the next level when there was a personal confrontation between them at UFC 261 last month in Jacksonville, Florida - Paul was there as a fan and Cormier was working on the broadcast. The situation has only gotten worse since then.

Will this fight happen? It remains to be seen. Cormier, 42, is a former UFC heavyweight champion who has retired from MMA with a 27th - 3rd record after defeating current heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic at UFC 252.

Cormier also said recently about his fight with Paul: “That dude would never fight me. I would kill him. Why would I ever fight someone like that? ”However, in another interview, Cormier added:“ I made money as a world heavyweight champion. I do not have to chase payday loans. This kid wants to fight? OK, I will fight him. But this is going to be a mixed martial arts competition. "

Of course, Paul replied by challenging the masculinity: “I find it funny because it challenges me to something I've never trained in. He trained boxing, hitting and stand-up and was there with Stipe [Miocic and] Jon Jones.

In addition, former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley was able to beat Cormier, which was intentional as he declared his interest in fighting Paul. Except Paul wants to be Conor McGregor, a former two-time UFC Champion. There is no chance of that.

Paul's brother Logan battles undefeated legend Floyd Mayweather on June 6 in Miami in a boxing match. Mayweather is - Paul's 1600 favorite at + 800.

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