Japan's IR did not win taxes on foreign visitors

Akira Amari, head of the Liberal Democratic Party's Tax System Research Committee, said winnings earned under Japanese regulations will be tax exempt for foreign players.

Casino policy is still under discussion and taxation has been a polarizing topic from the start. The Ministry of Finance wanted to tax the income, but industry experts said the tax could be harmful to IR. Sheldon Adelson of Las Vegas Sands explained that taxes "will never attract any foreigner." Amari agreed that "it would be meaningless if no one came to the IR after they were built." He also said that the tax policy of casinos in Japan must be based on "international standards".

Under the current proposal, Japanese residents' winnings would continue to be taxed should winnings exceed a certain amount, and it is unclear if this policy will change. The outline of the tax reform is to be announced on December 10.

Tax policy could undermine the implementing rules' aim of attracting more visitors and stimulating tourism.

The IR Implementation Act was introduced in 2018 and established a limit of three IRs nationwide. The act also included a 30% tax on gross income from casino games.

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