Tim Tebow Prop Bet Odds for the 2021 Jaguars season

One of the most controversial footballers of all time has been about to make a triumphant return to the NFL this season. And while Chad Ochocinco Johnson is training for his upcoming Mayweather-Paul boxing match, Johnny Manziel accepts the Fan Controlled Football league and criticizes last month's Deion Sanders drafting, former quarterback Tim Tebow, who is reportedly going to sign a one-year contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars, will have a hard end.

Before you can scream "It's Thebov time!" bookmakers on Bovada prepared some statistic props from players for the former Florida Gator, Denver Bronco, New York Jet and New York Mets experiment.

2021 Tebow Prop Bet Odds

In addition to the fact that Tebow recently played professional football for the Jets Ten years ago, the report of the move from quarterback to hard end makes sense as the Jaguars just picked quarterback Trevor Lawrence with number 1 on the NFL draft to be their franchise beacon.

However, Tebov never played hard at any stage in his career, high school, college, or pros. So, like his baseball career in the lower league where he hit. 222 for four seasons, we could all (should?) Look at the Florida Gator's encounter with Urban Meyer as a potential player-coach-mentor experiment. Tebov will change 53 years ahead of the first week, but his stats against the new 22nd week of the NFL regular season will undoubtedly be up for discussion during the summer months.

Tebow Touchdown Passes

You may be wondering why Bovada posted a touchdown chance when Tebov is about to equalize after equalization. Well technically the New Orleans Saints Taysom Hill Swiss Army Knife is a tight end, but thanks to Sean Payton, we've seen Hill position himself behind the center more times than we'd like to remember.

It is likely that Meyer, recalling all the good old days of Tebow in Orange Gators, will draw a few gadget games where Trevor Lawrence shows up to the wide handset and lets Tebow cook. Additionally, if we live in a dream world passing MORE THAN 1.5 touchdowns (+ 165) the bet would be cash on a touchdown after a week 22 jump.

Above Under
1,5 (+ 197) 1,5 (- 220)

Pick up a touchdown

As we know, Thebov is chained beyond all measure. At six feet-2 and nearly 400 pounds, it won't be a great sprint down the field. We don't have the Kyle Pitts situation in Jacksonville. Thebows frame will allow you to block the passages somehow, and then potential targets in the red zones where it kills its defender.

Whether or not Trevor Lawrence chooses to attack the veteran mentor is also a matter of debate. To think he would score more than twice and hit the OVER value at + 175 would be an amazing feat, but few probably thought he had hit 23 inhabitants in the Mets farm system.

Above Under
2 (+ 220) 2 (- 334)

Parties (total)

Just from a public relations standpoint, if Tebow should survive the training camp and reach the 89-man finals, at least a few admissions should be accepted in the first weeks of the season. Bookmakers set the total season to Over / Under 8 with - 115 vig / juice on both sides of the bet. By setting the season to get the number of yards over / under at 89.5 yards, they are implying that on average it will exceed 17 yards per pickup, which seems high for a big guy. Granted, a million factors influence the setting of these cumulative Over / Under stats, but it's interesting.

Above Under
8 (- 175) 8 (- 115)
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