Odds: Which team will Kyle Lowry play for the Raptors in the 2021-22 NBA Season 1 match?

The Toronto Raptors franchise icon Kyle Lowry is an unlimited free agency. Where could he play next season?

Playmaker Kyle Lowry is not the best player in Raptors history - one could argue that Kawhi Leonard (for one season), Vince Carter, Chris Bosh, and DeMar DeRozan were better - but Lowry is certainly on the very shortlist and is the most popular player ever series. Lowry is a six-time All-Star and has led Toronto, along with Leonard, to a lonely NBA team title in 2019.

35-year-old Lowry is set to unlimited free agency this summer. The Raptors nearly dealt with it at the trade deadline in late March - "We didn't know which one would make it," said basketball team president Masai Ujiri - but neither Philadelphia 080 nor the Miami Heat produced a package that was good enough. for the Toronto office to receive her. Now the team might get nothing if Lowry walks away.

the favorites for Lowry to play in the match 1 of 2021 - the 22nd regular season next October. This is a bit surprising for this writer, as the Dinos have already given a large contract to Fred VanVleet from backcourt who is only 29. The team also used their 2020 first round to pick a quarterback with San Diego's Malachi Flynn who proved to be a good player.

forward Pascal Siakam and OG Anunoby have also signed long term deals, there's only so much money to watch - unless the owner of Raptors wants to pay a heavy luxury tax penalty next season by re-signing with Lowry somewhere near $ £ 35m he is making this year .

Sam Lowry may be ready to move on and possibly fight for another title as the Raptors don't seem to be close to that tier as they will miss the playoffs this year for the first time since 2013. The team has barely played Lowry since he met his deadline , both from an injury and just for the sake of rest.

Bird rights can make trade easier

Where Raptor's have the upper hand is having Lowry's Bird Rights, which essentially means a team can pay more than any other club and use Lowry in trade to get something back. Both the heat and 76 rumors circulated in this scenario and both are +300 as Lowry's team kicking off the next season.

Philadelphia is Lowry's hometown and would fulfill a blatant need on the Sixers point; There have been many reports that Philly will be chasing the trademark and trade this summer. Meanwhile, Lowry is good buddies with Miami All-Star Jimmy Butler, and almost every professional athlete loves living in Miami (also without Florida state taxes).

The Los Angeles Clippers are + 550 and the Lakers are + 900 on their NBA betting requisite. Lowry would be a perfect fit for either of them, but both have very limited earning space thanks to mega-contracts like Leonard and Paul George on the Clippers and LeBron James and Anthony Davis on the Lakers. Honestly, neither team can have the many Raptors they want in return for helping them get Lowry.

Normally the free NBA agency opens in early July, but since this season started late, it opens on Monday, August 2 at 6:00 p.m. EST.

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