Relax Gaming CPO Engaging mechanics and gameplay are the key to the success of the slot machine

Rather than placing too much emphasis on graphics and more extravagant production, Relax Gaming Product Director Simon Hammon believes that online slot designers should focus on improving their gameplay to increase customer loyalty.

By talking to Gambling Insider on Slot Focus Roundtable in the upcoming GI magazine issue for January / February, Hammon explained why some slots may not hit the mark when it comes to keeping customers entertained in the long run.

He said: "There is a misconception, at least in internet terms, that bigger productions with heavy intro movies and super high-end graphics always add to the player's enjoyment.

"While these design elements can help in initial attention, like other forms of interactive entertainment, the engaging mechanics and gameplay create a loyal following."

If the slot designers were able to combine this with a corresponding winning potential, Hammon said they would end up with a slot machine that is hard to beat from a customer retention point of view.

When asked about the future of slot design later in the interview, Hammon explained why the world of slot machine innovation is currently going through a transition period in more than one way.

"Small suppliers with great ideas are now able to challenge those who are already established on a product-by-product basis, which is causing some positive shifts in demand," noted Hammon.

"Technology is constantly changing, so vendors must continually adapt and optimize for the best platforms and devices available, of course depending on whether the technology's trajectory is promising for mass adoption."

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