Medina Sprit disqualified from Kentucky Derby: what will happen to your bet?

Players in the US (and around the world) are trying to find out if their lost 2021 Kentucky Derby bets will pay out after the Medina Spirit winner is disqualified following a failed drug test.

During the May 1 race, it was found that Medina Spirit contained twice the amount of the legal steroid betamethasone in its system. Coach Bob Baffert was also suspended from Churchill Downs, but that doesn't stop him from fielding his horses to other race tracks across the country.

Baffert has hit the suspension, blaming the "cancel culture" sanction. It is reported that Baffert - the most successful trainer in Kentucky Derby history - has had at least 30 positive doping test results on his horses over the years.

If the split sample is also positive, the Medina Spirit will only become the second horse in the Kentucky Derby's 147 - the year it was officially disqualified for a drug violation. The first was a painting of a dancer back in 2021.

Medina's disqualifying Ghost means the runner-up Mandaloun will be the official winner of the 2021 Kentucky Derby. But the new Kentucky Derby result does not mean losing bets will pay out - read why.

Medina Spirit leads the field down to win 147 in the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs. (Photo: Michael Clevenger and Erik Mohn-USA TODAY Sports)

What's up with my Kentucky Derby B et?

After the end of the race in the USA and the announcement of the official result, bookmakers pay the payouts on the racetrack and online. It is understood that the official result is final - and that any subsequent re-writing of results due to, for example, a failed drug test, will not affect the Kentucky Derby bets.

This is mainly because an administrator involved in calling back winning bets and paying for new bets is an almost impossible task on the racetrack. But this is not the case on the internet where bookmakers have a spreadsheet for all the winning and losing bets placed on their sportsbooks.

I bet on Medina spirit to win

If you bet on Medina Spirit to win, you will receive a payout. Congratulations! Online bookmakers are unlikely to ask for a refund. First, you can argue that the bet has been settled. Second, it's a terrible PR for a bookmaker to demand money back from customers.

Mandaloun, I bet

As with the previous bet, it should be clear here. Mandaloun put on star gear at 15/1 and some players will make a nice profit on outsiders. Bookmakers are unlikely to withdraw their bets in this scenario.

I bet on Mandaloun

This is difficult. Bookmakers are not legally required to pay out Mandaloun winnings as the betting market was settled at the end of the race when the official result was announced. This does not mean, however, that bettors with "Mandaloun Win" coupons are definitely out of pocket. Some bookmakers may be taking advantage of the media frenzy around 2021 The Kentucky Derby result has sparked some good publicity and announced they are paying out bets on Mandaloun as well. Therefore, be sure to check your bookmaker and perhaps contact them. You never know they can cash out!

Medina Spirit is part of a wider establishment

The real complication for bookmakers is that they honor wider accumulators or multiples. Let's say you are betting that Medina Spirit will win the US Triple Crown. Is it still valid? Or are you betting that Mandaloun will win the Triple Crown - what will happen there?

Unfortunately, it will probably depend on the decision of each bookmaker. Don't be surprised if Medina Spirit remains the "winner" of the 2021 Kentucky Derby in the eyes of the bookmakers. After all, they have already paid for this result.

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