Hellmuth vs Negreanu High Stakes Duel II match preview

The situation warmed up in the first fight. From the pre-match hype to the £ 5 Sour Patch Kids bag, everything was bigger than life. The second round of the High Stakes Duel between Phil Hellmuth and Daniel Negreanu will be held tonight, exclusively at PokerGO.

We took a look at the latest odds from our friends at Bovada and we screw down who we think will win the night as well as how we see the match progressing.

What has happened so far?

Ultimately, the result in the first match was The Poker Brat's victory against Kid Poker as Phil Hellmuth recovered from a 3.315 chip deficit to 97,000 chips that will reign for $ 100, 15 wins.

As Phil Hellmuth himself told us, he considered Daniel Negreanu "delusional", writing down his chances before the first, but even started. This illusion was due to the disrespect Hellmuth saw from his community as a whole towards 15 - a time bracelet winner who fully deserves to be called the "GOAT" (or the greatest of All-Time).

We've learned a lot from Hellmuth's return, but who can win in the second fight? There is no love lost between two great enemies, that's for sure.

Negreanu starts as a favorite again

Hellmuth's famous comeback against Negreanu in the first fight was a warning of complacency for Kid Poker. 97,000 to 3,000 in one step, there is simply no way he was losing in that position, and while he was smiling publicly at failure, he had no way of predicting it.

In the PokerGO hype show, Nick Schulman and Ali Nejad discussed exactly how Hellmuth returned in the first fight and what could have happened between the first match and this one.

Let's look at this Hype Show and some of the key areas where Schulman and Nejad are tackling the way the game got away from Kid Poker.

Who will win? Our verdict

Negreanu will most likely ditch his gags of sight and visual reflections in today's second High Stakes Duel II fight and as such should be backed by - 180 in our opinion. Hellmuth had an outstanding four bounce streak in this format and still represents great value in the market at +140, but we have a feeling Negreanu will win tonight.

That doesn't mean we think Negreanu will crush Hellmuth throughout the fight. We see Hellmuth come back once again and triumph in the third part of the fight. This could end the trilogy and see another person face Hellmuth for at least part of their roll, if not the entire poker bank balance.

Place $ 200,000, High Stakes Duel II (Round 2) starts on Wednesday May 5 th at 20:00 EST exclusively on PokerGO .com.

"There is no way I can refuse the rematch to Phil Hellmuth." As the famous Daniel Negreanu said before the first fight. Perhaps soon we will find out how true these words are.

We'll be back tomorrow with all the action as soon as the cards are back in the pack, as the fascinating battle between the two poker legends unfolds again.

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