The first billion is the hardest: Nevada is building its nirvana status

There may be a few places on Earth that have been hit harder by the coronavirus than Las Vegas. The signpost town in Nevada is often called a gamer's paradise, but with a 12-month time span, the action on the Strip was more empty than desert, more hungry than feast.

Once a shining gem on the West Coast of America in terms of gambling, it looked like it had been tossed purely gold from players. It was before this month.

The fever is back in Vegas

As reported in March, room rates in Las Vegas have risen sharply in the last few months. However, that's not the only clue that Las Vegas has returned to a popular tourist destination. As recently reported, the World Series of Poker announced a tight summer schedule for its Online Series, and this is just a prelude to the true return of poker to Sin City when the WSOP returns to Rio in September.

As Nevada needs some economic growth, Silver State showed a return of over $ 1. 06 billion in March, the most in one month in more than eight years.

In February 2013, Nevada had such a positive month, with a significant recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, a clear indication that Vegas is back on its feet just in time for the World Series of Poker return to Sin City in September.

What a difference a year

With the Nevada Gaming Control Board's release of the latest Las Vegas lottery ticket update, the new paradise where players from all over the world come to love Mecca is growing again. It must be so. In the March 2020 photo, Vegas looked like a ghost town, an abandoned Strip with no action at all.

It's a bit like the North Pole without snow.

A year ago, Governor Steve Sisolak closed the city before it immediately handed out a 25% capacity claim when the casinos reopened. Just a few weeks ago, Sisolak lowered that severe attendance cap to 35%, and now that number has risen to 50%.

Las Vegas already has a billion dollars, but it will open its doors to the 80% capacity, arriving in May after the final round of debriefing from responsible persons.

How vaccines pave the way to Vegas

February 2020, a month before the closure, Vegas grossed over a billion dollars. It may have taken 12 months, but the crown jewel of gambling in the United States has returned to its place, with many of the events coming from the Strip, Vegas's tourist hotspot.

With 893 million $ coming from that area, the famous Strip made up the majority of that amount, with over $ 500 million coming from the Strip casinos. Southern Nevada may have been a catalyst for recovery in the past month, but there's no reason why Nevada's outer borders won't join the event, especially with the World Series of Poker entering the city.

While Nevada will likely never fully reclaim its seemingly bulletproof source of income in the eyes of many, Sin City is on the trail of a return. With the WSOP returning to Rio in just four months, Nevada will be collecting a huge jackpot ready to be won when the circus tent is full.

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