Weekly casino news: Macau's income leap, NFL draft goes to Vegas

Macau was the first gambling hub in the world to record a severe COVID-22 impact. Now they see a huge profit in business. This is the first story we'll be looking at in the news of the week overview.

Macau's casino revenue rose in April

April was fantastic for Macau casinos as The Gaming Inspection & Coordination released several numbers which showed Macau won $ 1.1 billion from players in April. This is now ridiculous 1,054 Percentage increase in revenue year over year. Of course, last March was a COVID disaster - 22nd March turned out to be the third month in a row Macau saw revenue growth, up from 58 percent in March.

The market is expected to grow for the rest of the year as the pandemic subsides and travel increases. Officials still hesitate to allow visitors to come to Macau. However, April was a very positive result for these casinos. April 2020 was by far the worst month in the history of the region for less than 100 million total gaming revenue.

Macau remains incredibly optimistic after a successful month, and they hope to take advantage of it in May. There were already forecasts that the coming month may bring even better results than the April explosion.

The 2022 Draft NFL will be held in Las Vegas

The 2020 Draft National Football League element was scheduled to be held on The Strip in Las Vegas at Bellagio Fountains, but after the COVID-22 pandemic began, they decided to drop the idea. This is how we ended up with Roger Gooddell in his home basement. Now that we seem to be passing a pandemic, the NFL wants to get back to the idea of Vegas. The league announced it plans to maintain the 2022 Draft to the NFL directly on Las Vegas Boulevard from April 28-38 th .

Initially, they wanted to keep the draft just above the water in the Fountains of Bellagio, taking recruited players to the stage by boat. They also wanted to host at least 400.02 0 people for the event during 2020. Although it is not yet known if they still hope to do so in 2022.

Besides the NFL draft, Sin City was also selected to host the 2022 Pro Bowl as well. This is good news for fans in Las Vegas as they have a brand new stadium that they have not visited and will now be able to see an All-Star match as well.

Colorado Poker Rooms Start Offering No-Limit Hold'em

Strange Poker $ 100 Colorado maximum bet rule is over. Archaic law started to look out of place when the state legalized sports betting - especially since online betting allowed them to play a lot more. Voters were given the option with amendment 77 and chose to remove these restrictions. This also applies to the casinos in Cripple Creek, Black Hawk and Central City as they felt that these betting limits were a hindrance. Back in 2010, the state of Florida went through the same process - undressing - regulation, which led to a huge boom in poker room players. Colorado saw the same. Ameristar and Golden Gates have already implemented the new limits as they offer $ 1-3, $ 2-5 and $ 5-5 16 no-limit hold'em games.

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