The CBA cashier won PLN 30 million and ... lost it immediately

Almost 30 million zlotys was won by the CBA cashier with her husband, betting on the online gambling platform money that she shed from the Bureau fund - the RMF FM reporter learned. There is already an indictment in court against Katarzyna and Dariusz G., who are to be responsible for the appropriation of PLN 9 million 230 thousand from the CBA cash register.

Katarzyna and Dariusz G. will be responsible for the appropriation of 9 million 230 thousand. PLN from the cash desk of the Central Anticorruption Bureau. The couple spent the money gambling. By betting on them, they won almost PLN 30 million. They did not enjoy the win for too long.

RMF FM journalist Krzysztof Zasada found out unofficially that the marriage has lost this huge amount.

They took out the money in plastic bags

Katarzyna G., a civilian employee of the finance department at the CBA, and her husband Dariusz G. were arrested on January 31, 2019. They were accused of misappropriating significant funds. The investigation was covered by complete secrecy, and the Regional Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw, which was leading it, initially did not even want to disclose the sum of money and in what period the cashier was supposed to steal from the CBA.

The cashier came by because, as reported by "Puls Biznesu", at the end of the year, the branch offices settle the operating funds. Then it turned out that the box office was empty.

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